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Students from Ogre Secondary School Learn about Problems of the Baltic Sea

In order to involve students, who are the future owners of the sea, in solving problems of the Baltic Sea, the organizers of campaign "Strength Lies in a Clean Sea" (Spēks ir tīrā jūrā) started the Baltic Sea educational program this autumn.

During the campaign students will be able to hear educational lecture, take part in game "Parliament of Sea Owners" (Jūras saimnieku parlaments) and competition on research works. 11th grade students from Ogre State Grammar school and Jaunogre Secondary School will hear the lectures, information about the game and competition on research work read by the organizers of the campaign on Wednesday, December 4.

Experts of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) claim that large part of ecological problems of Baltic Sea is caused by each maritime sector’s thinking only about its own financial gain. Therefore this year the organizers of the campaign „Strength Lies in a Clean Sea” have raised integrated and intelligent management of the sea as the main issue. More information on this issue will be provided during the lecture after which students will be invited to prepare for the game "Parliament of Sea Owners" that takes place in Rīga in the spring 2014.

To increase awareness on integrated management of the sea, all 11th grade students are invited to submit their research works on theme „How many euros cost Baltic Sea?” till February 1, 2014. In the research work students should find out how many euros costs the Baltic Sea in one of the maritime sectors and study sector’s influence on ecosystem. The author of the best work will get award from SEB bank – an iPad, and opportunity to present the research work in "Parliament of Sea Owners" discussion. The competition regulations are available in campaign web site


„Many different sectors are operated in the sea, for example, fishing, port operations, shipping, oil extraction and transporting, alternative energy producing and others. Currently each sector works separately, but it is really important for them to come together and start to think about the sea in the long term. Also in the future people will want to eat fish and fruits and vegetables, navigate and produce energy form resources of the sea. To make it possible, everyone should put their heads together, therefore this year we invite students to take part, as they are the future owners of the sea,” tells Ingus Purgalis, WWF Baltic Sea and freshwater programme manager.

To increase awareness on situation and future of the Baltic Sea, long-term initiative "Strength Lies in a Clean Sea" has been implemented. The fight against spoiling of the sea is performed by enthusiast of the Baltic Sea Dzintars Jūra from Liepāja, and he cooperates with World Wildlife Fund and SEB bank.

The lecture takes place from 13.30 till 14.00 in Jaunogre Secondary school, but from 14.00 till 15.20 in Ogre State Grammar school.


Translated by Amanda Vilcāne

Date: 28 / 01 / 2022
Spodris, Kārlis