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Ikšķile Residents Enjoy the Early Renaissance with Boccaccio

On Saturday, December 7, in parish house of Ikšķile Evangelical Lutheran Church book fans gathered to afternoon devoted to creative works of Giovanni Boccaccio.

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At the beginning of the event the Head of society "Rasas krāsas" (Dew colours) Lauma Palmbaha, who is the organizer of the event, greeted the audience who came here over snowdrifts to enjoy sunny atmosphere of Italy.

Guest of the event – president of the Dante Alighieri Society in Latvia, the Head of the publishing house „Jumava” Juris Visockis, who had focused on study of Italian writer’s creative works, introduced the audience with his opinion or, in his own words, interpretations about the creative works of the artistic genius from the Early Renaissance. The researcher chose an original way of presentation by moving the events related to Boccaccio life and writing of „Decameron” to 600 years later period of time, i.e., 20th century (Boccaccio was born in 1313, but died in 1375) by showing links between seemingly unrelated periods of time.

In 2008, the publishing house „Jumava” has also published the most famous work of Giovanni Boccaccio „Decameron” where 100 novels were collected. Previous generations remember that their parents scolded them for looking at pictures that were indecorous for those times.

Artist of the new publication is Valdis Villerušs from Ikšķile and he prepared a small exhibition of illustrations from „Decameron” and other Early Renaissance publications.

Mr. Visockis told that the publishing house plans to create collection of 10 Boccaccio novels and Mr. Villerušs will be the artist of the book as he and the publishing house has established good cooperation. In January, Boccaccio’s „Divine Comedy” will be published and Mr. Villerušs helped to create this book too. In cooperation with the artist it is planned to publish album devoted to Ikšķile (Ikšķile guidebook was already created). By the way, in the book art competition „Zelta ābele 2012” (Golden Apple-tree) in nomination „Prose” the award received James Joyce’s „A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” whose artist is Valdis Villerušs, but publishing house – „Jumava”.

The participants of the event were able to see and purchase newest books published by „Jumava”.


Translated by Amanda Vilcāne

Date: 28 / 01 / 2022
Spodris, Kārlis