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Lower Daugava Cluster at Riga Sports Night

Riga City Council in collaboration with the association „PAR STIPRU LATVIJU” on 30th May, 2014 will hold "RIGA SPORTS NIGHT", which has already became a tradition. This is one of the largest nation sporting events in the capital. Last year, the open-air sports festival was attended by more than 70 different sports organizations. All activities are concentrated in the city center in Kronvalda Park, in parks along the canal and in Bastejkalns. The central area is located in the square next to the Freedom Monument.

In 2014 organizers have planned a number of developments that will extend the event program and make it more attractive to visitors. There will be new spaces for activities in parks – the street of active recreation and tourism „Rīga Ceļo”, the area, which is dedicated to sports and health - „Dzīvo vesels” and a special section for gourmets - „Ēd Veselīgi”.

There will be a possibility to meet the newly established Lower Daugava cluster on Tourism Street "Rīga Ceļo", which brings together six municipalities - Ķekava, Ikšķile, Ogre, Salaspils, Stopiņi and Baldone. Within this event, there will be possibility to receive Lower Daugava Tourism Region’s common tourism map, as well as each individual municipality materials and to participate in a variety of interesting activities.

One of the most active people living in Riga, that use their free time traveling outside of Latvia and also visiting our native land's most beautiful places. And not for nothing, the demands for active recreation and tourism has grown by almost 40% among the citizens of Riga, as well as becoming more and more popular saying - touring their native land!



Translated by Reinholds Nulle

Date: 29 / 06 / 2022
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