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“DZINTARA KAUSS” in ice hall Vidzeme

From 29th April till 4th May, 2014, in seven ice arenas in Riga and its vicinity, the World Cup in ice hockey for amateurs and veterans "DZINTARA KAUSS/AMBER CUP RIGA" will take place. The tournament will bring together 60 hockey teams from 10 countries, and, during the tournament, the Europe Amateur and the Old Masters Association EUROHA founding congress will take place.

Tournament participants include teams from the United States, Czech Republic, Canada, Russia, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden and Finland, as well as Estonia and Latvia. The most common countries in tournament, in addition to the Latvia are: Russia (18 teams), Sweden (10 teams) and Finland (6 teams).

Competition will be held at 8 age groups from 19 to 35 and 65 +, and 2 mastery classes - amateur and masters. Tournament games will take place from 30th April to 4th May in 7 ice halls: in Volvo Sports Center and in PSL Ice Hall in Riga, in Inbox Ice Hall in Piņķi, in Ice Hall Ozo, which is in Ozolnieki, as well as in Ice Hall in Jelgava and in Vidzeme`s Ice Hall in Ogre (the teritory of Ikšķile).

Among the tournament`s “DZINTARA KAUSS” guests of honor will be the ice hockey legends of Latvia - a brilliant forwarder Balderis and goaltenders Mihails Vasiļonoks and Artūrs Irbe. Also, legendary hockey players Ēvalds Grabovskis and Elmārs Bauris will participate in tournament`s opening.

Within the international hockey tournament "DZINTARA KAUSS", the Europe Amateur and the Old Masters Association EUROHA founding congress will take place. The represents of Europe hockey old masters national associations and regional Committees will take part in congress and it will be held on 30th April at 10:00 a.m. in Maritim Park Hotel Riga conference hall.

In 2014 the Annual World Cup competitions in hockey “DZINTARA KAUSS” are organized by Latvian Sports Veterans` - Seniors' union in collaboration with SIA "SMARTRIX". The tournament is supported by Riga City Council, Jelgava, Ogre, and the municipalities of Ikšķile and Babīte, LIVE RIGA, Riga 2014 and LDZ Cargo.

More information about the tournament, teams, game play and the results: and

Schedule in Vidzeme ice hall

From 30th April to 3rd May, Ogre Tourism Information Centre will operate in Vidzeme ice hall, where the ice hockey tournament "DZINTARA KAUSS" will be held. Ogre Tourist Information Centre will offer tourist information about objects, places of interest and museums, as well as information about accommodations, meals and entertainment options in Ogre `s district territory. Also, there will be a possibility to get guides and maps of the Ogre and Ogre`s district and to buy the newest art souvenirs of Ogre.



Translated by Reinholds Nulle

Date: 29 / 06 / 2022
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