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Offroad trips "4x4 adventures"

Offroad trips "4x4 adventures"
Address Mazozoli Parish, Ogre County
Phone +371 29424541, 29250112

"4x4 Adventures" offers an organized trek in all-terrain off-road 4x4 quadracycles across rough and very rough terrain. Experienced instructors offer lessons and explain the technical features of the quadracycles. Trips can be anywhere from 2 hours to 1 week in length. Guests spend the entire time outdoors in the fresh air, mainly in the woods being very physically active. Various scenic routes have been designed offering the opportunity to see the natural wonders of the area, castle mounds, special constructions and just beatiful scenery. The trips are led by very experienced people who themselves take part in various off-road competitions. This tourist activity is an excellent form of corporate entertainment combining the useful with the pleasant. We provide safety equipment and jumpsuits. No previous experience is necessary – we will train you. We can organize a picnic for your group and offer a photo and video service so you can share your experience with your friends and relatives!

Date: 05 / 12 / 2021
Sabīne, Sarma, Klaudijs