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Cinema Station in Ķeipene

Cinema Station in Ķeipene
Address Railway Station, Ķeipene Rural Territory, Ogre Municipality
Phone +371 26314147
Price Admission by donation.

GPS [56.8957, 25.1865]

The cinema station is the Ķeipene railway station which is the only remaining stretch from the old railway line Riga–Ērgļi. An exposition dedicated to the excellent director Sergejs Eizenšteins, technology from early periods in cinema history, a real marine navigation tower dedicated to J. Podnieks, and an environmental installation – the enormous table dedicated to the brightest minds in cinematography – are open to the visitors of the station.  Next to the 6 m high table two chairs are situated one of which has a stylised porthole on its backrest. The constructed stairs allow to use the table also as an observation deck. The idea about the cinema station was born when the staff and associates of the Film Forum Arsenāls visited Ķeipene, the place where pigeon post was once used as a mean of communication. There are no cemeteries, churches or pubs in Ķeipene, but it has a great old railway station where you can meditate together with the greatest minds in cinematography, call Marilyn Monroe, Federico Fellini or Luchino Visconti, learn about the history of cinema and S. Eizenšteins, or just simply enjoy the surreal feeling of being lost in time.

Date: 25 / 05 / 2022
Junora, Anšlavs