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Native House of Sudrabu Edžus

Native House of Sudrabu Edžus
Address Siliņi, Meņģele Rural Territory, Ogre Municipality
Phone +371 65031186

GPS [56.8067, 25.4218]

In memory of the writer Sudrabu Edžus (1860–1941, in his real name Eduards Morics Zilbers) a cradle is hanged in the house Siliņi. This is the place where the literary characters from Sudrabu Edžus works were born, such as the boy named Dauka, who because of his big curiosity was undeservedly called Crazy Dauka. The name of Sudrabu Edžus is closely connected with the history of  Meņģele. His father, Fricis Zilbers, was a church organist at Meņģele Church during the period of the landlord Scheinvogel. A monument, created by the sculptor Vilnis Titāns in 1984, dedicated to Sudrabu Edžus, and the grove of Crazy Dauka  are located in the centre of Meņģele town. A stone with words "Dullais Dauka" (Crazy Dauka) carved on it is located near the border of the Rural Territory, in an oak and birch grove on the ancient bank of the river Ogre between the houses Zvaniņi and Gnēži. This was a favourite place of relaxation for Sudrabu Edžus. The grove was planted in 1978  near the seven big already-growing oak trees.

Date: 28 / 01 / 2022
Spodris, Kārlis