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Native House of Vilhelms Purvītis

Native House of Vilhelms Purvītis
Address Vecjauži, Taurupe Rural Territory, Ogre Municipality
Phone +371 25543070

GPS [56.9754, 25.3222]

Vilhelms Purvītis was a Latvian painter born in 1872, and his first sixteen years of life he spent in the house Vecjauži. In 1998, the house was purchased by a Dutch citizen, Margaret Lestraden, a specialist in museum marketing and museum cultural policy who moved to live in Latvia. She has made a great contribution to the reconstruction of the house, and hopes to create an international arts centre here someday. At the moment the building, which is a historical monument of national importance, can be viewed only from the outside.


Date: 07 / 02 / 2023
Ričards, Rihards, Nelda