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Lutheran Church of Madliena

Lutheran Church of Madliena
Address Madliena Rural Territory, Ogre Municipality
Phone +371 26113120

GPS [56.8470, 25.1530]

Tel.: +371 26113120

This is one of the oldest churches in Latvia, the early history of which dates back to the 13th century. There are many stories and  legends relating to the construction of the church. The Latvian poet Aspazija inspired by them wrote a play called The Builder of the Tower. The pulpit and altar elements are created by Kārlis Hūns, who was a teacher at Madliena Congregation School and a church organist for many years. The altarpiece Jesus at the Cross was painted by Georg Rudolf Karing in 1844. During the 1780's Garlieb Merkel was baptised at this church. A memorial plaque dedicated to the sons of the congregation killed during the Latvian War of Independence was displayed in the church in 1936. A cast iron bell with a 1.41 m diameter was placed in a belfry in 1938. An architectural  monument of national importance.

Date: 28 / 01 / 2022
Spodris, Kārlis