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Lutheran Church of Meņģele

Lutheran Church of Meņģele
Address Meņģele Rural Territory, Ogre Municipality
Phone +371 26656965

GPS [56.8149, 25.4002]

The church was built in 1795 with the support of the owner of Meņģele Manor – Scheinvogel. The church has not substantially changed throughout the centuries. The church is built mainly from stones, but the Baroque tower is from wood. During 1833–1834, the building was renovated. In 2003, a new tin roof was laid. The altarpiece Golgotha made by Georg Rudolf Karing in 1864 (restored in 1987) is placed in the centre of a retable which was built during the 1840's. A pipe organ was constructed by H. Kolbe in 1933. An architectural  monument of national importance. 

Date: 28 / 01 / 2022
Spodris, Kārlis