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Swing Park in Ķeipene

Swing Park in Ķeipene
Address Zuši, Ķeipene Rural Territory, Ogre Municipality
Phone +371 28679934

GPS [56.9289, 25.0641]

Many unique swings can be seen at the park. For instance, The Giant Swing, The Wheel, The Norwegian Wheel, The Circle of Happiness, and other objects. The Giant Swing is the highest swing in Latvia, which is 11 m high and perfectly complements the scenery. The stairs provide a possibility to use the swing as an observation deck. The author of the objects at the swing park is a carpenter Tālis Sala, who is the master of the Latvian Chamber of Crafts. Swinging is a very healthy activity, it harmonises the human energy, helps to balance and mobilise a person. A swing is a source of energy accumulation. When there is a lot of energy in nature, it is possible to receive this energy by swinging.


Date: 30 / 11 / 2021
Andrejs, Andrievs, Andris